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Change your name kit

Hire a Caricature Artist for your
cocktail hour! 

Financial Literacy = Financial Empowerment

Contact My Colleague Mr. Prez Palmer to find out how you can use your rental payments to improve your credit score.

I never knew you could do that!

Visit My Wedding Songs to plan your wedding playlist!

Wilder Strings traditional and pop songs on strings!

Ask me how to start your marriage off right by creating a budget:reduce/eliminate debt, $ave & plan for the stuff you want!
Watch the interview that aired on Nashua's local tv station to learn more about it.
As a Certified Financial Literacy Educator and Advocate, I'll help you plan your wedding budget, life expenses and show you how to empower your future!

Ask me about other cool ideas for making your wedding experience as awesome for your guests as you can! I'm Italian, I got connections. 

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