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How do you get a marriage license?

-You simply visit any city/town clerk's office in New Hampshire.  I strongly advise all my couples to call ahead to ensure you have all of the proper documentation needed to apply.  The operating hours may be different for each clerk's office. You do not need to live in NH, just want to get married in NH in order to obtain a NH License. NH no longer has a waiting period, so as long as you get your license, you can get married the same day. 


Do we need witnesses or a blood test?

-No, The State of New Hampshire does not require a blood test to apply for a marriage license or witnesses for the wedding.


Can we use our own vows or do we have to use ones you have?

-You can absolutely use your own vows.  We can use some language I have and incorporate it into your service or just use what you have written or use vows I have available for you to use.  We can discuss different ceremony styles and if you would like to incorporate an exchange of rings.


How long is the ceremony service?

-Although each ceremony is unique, a rough estimate is 10-15 minutes for a casual ceremony and a 15-30 minute time frame for a more formal service.


What do you wear as the officiant?

-I either wear dress casual clothing in a color that will not clash with the colors of your wedding or I  wear the standard, black robe you expect to see on a Judge.  If the ceremony is more religious in nature, I have vestments that I wear.  If you wish me to wear a certain color or other attire, we can certainly discuss that and I will of course try to accommodate your requests. You and your partner are of course free to wear whatever you wish.


Do we have to have a rehearsal?

-No, you are not required to have a rehearsal, however if you have a wedding party, I strongly recommend it. Rehearsals make everyone more comfortable, identify issues we can correct before ceremony and help to coordinate cues for seamless transitions. 


Does the ceremony have to be religious? Can it be religious if we want?

-No, the ceremony does not have to be religious, but can be if you choose.  


Will you attend the reception?

-While I certainly appreciate the invitation, I will almost always decline.  This is your day and I am honored to be a part of it.  After my part has ended, it gives me more pleasure to see you off on your way than tag along.


Can we meet you before we decide whether or not we want to hire you?

-Absolutely! I actually prefer to meet all couples at least once before the service.  While a meeting is not required, I will gladly meet somewhere to discuss your arrangements in person at a mutually agreed upon time. 

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