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NH Weddings By Susan About Me

Hi, I'm Susan. I've been officiating weddings since 2005.
It is truly an honor to officiate for any and all couples who wish to marry. 
My warmest welcome to you and my heartfelt congratulations!



If you want a ceremony that is interesting, funny, meaningful and real, I'll tell you how I do it. Your great reception and epic wedding start at the ceremony. My approach to ceremony design starts with your beginning.

Let me ask you something.


What if you started watching the movie 'Titanic' in the middle. All you would have seen is a really big boating accident! You wouldn't have cared about Jack and Rose as much as you did. You cared because you knew their story! Now, I'm not saying you have to be that dramatic for people to get it, but that they want to know about the magic you have because it feels good to feel good! They are there to celebrate that with you, so let's tell them stuff in a fun, authentic way so they can really relate to your story. 

Together we will invite your guests not to just view your wedding, but to have an entire wedding experience! Let them in at the beginning! Let them see where it starts and THEN it will carry over into your reception and be the greatest day of your life! I will work with you until you feel comfortable and confident about your ceremony. You will create a mark in the history of your life that you will relive for all your days. Please don't underestimate the power of the beginning. 


Ok, since this is the about me page, I'll give you this:


1. I love spinach.
2. I am a baton twirler.
3. I hate taking left turns across traffic.
4. I handle most things with humor, but never at the expense of someone else.
5. If it’s free, you should take it, unless it’s gross.
6. My eyelashes are so long they get in the way of my glasses.
7. I never tell anybody’s secrets. Ever, no matter what.
8. Sometimes I know things before they happen.
9. I have never broken a bone. Yet.
10. I think wearing gold gives me bad luck so I never wear it.
11. I think silver gives me protection and power, so I always wear it.
12. I remember everything that matters to someone.

Let's get started! Contact me for a free consultation.


See below for contact info!


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