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The Elegance and Grace of a Rained Out Bride

This Sunday, I had the pleasure of officiating a wedding for two young people in NH at a charming colonial inn up in Durham, NH. Built in 1649, The Three Chimney's Inn is a quaint, cozy and beautiful homestead that is the epitome of the charm that is New Hampshire.

There are gorgeous landscaped grounds that provide a gorgeous backdrop for pictures. There are the cutest rooms with old fashioned charms but modern amenities for your comfort. Those are just some of the reasons a couple would choose it for their wedding. Kelsey, the venue coordinator was outstanding! She had her finger on the pulse of everything! Meeting the couple's needs, directing guests, answering staff's questions, directing the bridal party and making it look so easy. I was getting exhausted just watching her in action!

The planned outdoor wedding of Kristen and Nicholas was just not to be because they were faced with rain. And I'm not talking about a little shower, I mean downpours intermittently making themselves known and a constant annoying shower in between.

The Bride? Never blinked her beautiful eye about it. She said, 'I know my dress is a bit wet, but I am so glad I was able to get some pictures outside.' She was so beautiful, in her gorgeous, beaded gown, just as happy as you'd expect a bride to be. Kristen wasn't going to let anything rain on her parade, even Mother Nature. Her grace under pressure and elegance in taking everything in stride tells me Nick is one lucky guy.

They get it. The wedding is about them, their love and getting to celebrate their intimate ceremony in front of the old fire place was wonderful. They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day. I just know it's awesome when love wins.

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