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I know that every couple inviting guests to their wedding wants them to have a great time. I thought I would point out a few things that people of a smaller size may not think about since they don’t have to think about it. They don’t cost anything, they are more about logistics and comfort and choices. See what you think.


Tables that are not smooshed together or against a window or wall. We are big. We need room. Ask your venue to use long, rectangular tables or to position your round tables more than 5 feet from each other. The wait staff and guests need room to move about. Make sure they can do that without hitting other people in the back or having to ask others to ‘scoot in’ so they can get by. They already know to choose the aisle seat so they are not stuck on the inside, so let each guest be able to stand, sit and turn without infringing on the space of another. We will be on the dance floor and back to the table frequently because we love to party.


Hey, no one is going to enjoy that $100. plated meal you bought for them if they have to take turns cutting their chicken! People need to use both their hands to cut their food and do not want to intrude on the people next to them. If you don’t, your guests will be uncomfortable both physically and socially and that will lead to a short night. If that means using one more table and seating less people at each table, do it if you can. We will get the table talking and laughing in no time.


Some of us exercise, some not so much. Whether we do or not, I can assure you that walking down long hallways, flights of stairs or other athletic stuff while we are in dress clothes and good shoes really is not our favorite thing. We want to rock your reception. Our energy should only be used to dance, mingle and dance some more.


We know you cannot be responsible to know the dietary restrictions of all of your guests and we will definitely do our best to be happy with what is served. Offering variety including vegetables and salads will help those of us who cannot eat carbs and sugar without negative effects on our health. We may have to take medication or have taken some that leaves us dehydrated so having water available helps us. It also is refreshing as the room gets warmer while we all eat, talk, dance and party.


We have our own internal heat. We are for the most part, passionate people. Therefore, we don’t require a lot of heat and love a well-ventilated, cool place to relax. We love to dance but hate to be hot. We are the fun ones, so if we are comfortable, we will help you rock your reception. Know this.

Thank you for considering some of these issues as you plan. 😉

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